Dawn has moved to Sibton please note the new phone number and e-mail

Taking bookings now! More details below the photos...

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Half the new cattery now completeBurdockButtercup enjoying her heated cabin
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Daisy explores the upper levels
Morgan We've done all the work ourselves

Dawn has moved from Aldringham and has her own new premises in Sibton. Ten pens are now finished and available for bookings, business is going so well that others will be added in the near future!

We will also offer a visiting service to feed, clean and comfort in-home if you or your cat would prefer. This service will continue even now we have finished the new cattery as it has proved very popular.

We are treating this move as an opportunity, giving us the chance to create a cattery which will incorporate new ideas, suggestions from customers, our guests (of course) and offer better service to our customers and guest cats.

The new cattery has:

When our plans are complete the new cattery will have:

The cattery may not be the cheapest but we will hope it will offer the very best for your cats

Room fees and bookings

Boarding is 8.00 per day for a single cat with no minimum stay! There are no seasonal charges, heating is included. Larger pens are available for groups of cats wishing to stay together or who like to stretch out. Regular food is included and special diets can be accommodated although there is a small charge (1) for the hand preparation of fresh or complicated meals. We have bookings for as much as 18 months ahead so please get in touch as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

In-home visiting is at the same rates within a reasonable radius (about 10 miles)

Local collections and returns are 40p/mile, which is about the same as it would cost for you to do it and saves your time too!

Health matters

Sick cats will be taken to our favourite local vets if necessary. The fare to the surgery is approximately 10, avoiding the expense of callout fees but paying for cover at the cattery during the trip. Please note all the local vets use an emergency out of hours service based at Melton.

Guest cats must have proof of up to date vaccinations against Cat Flu and Feline Infectious Enteritis, we will retain vaccination certificates during the stay.

Guests should be treated for and free from fleas, tapeworms and round worms. If this isn’t the case there will be a small charge for any necessary treatment to keep the cattery clean and healthy. Please let us know what treatment you have used as some are incompatible with other medicines.

Unfortunately we cannot accept adult male cats unless they have been neutered, for the peace of mind of the rest of the guests.

We provide all your cat will need for a comfortable stay but please feel free to bring their personal items to make them feel more at home, such as toys, bedding or favourite treats.

FIV and Diabetes:

We are now able to accommodate cats suffering from Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and are also trained to administer insulin injections to well behaved diabetic cats. Please contact us to discuss before booking in either case.

How to find us  -  Opening hourss

We are on the A1120 between Yoxford and Peasenhall, the last house on the left before Sibton church if coming from the A12. A Google search for 'Sibton cattery' will bring up a fairly accurate Google map. Please feel free to call if you need more detailed directions. Don't rely on putting the postcode into Satnav unless you really like exploring farmyards half a mile from your target! Use your satnav to reach Yoxford or Peasenhall and then use these directions for the last mile or so.

We are open from 9 to 11am and 3 to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Our planning permission does not allow us to open on Sundays.

How to contact us

Dawn Watson

1 Town Houses Yoxford Road
IP17 2LX

Phone: 01728 660 598 Cattery hotline!
Mobile: 0771 962 9580  Out of hours